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    Existing installations
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Foundations first

The design stage really is the most important part of the project, get this wrong and the system won’t function correctly.

Domestic / Commercial

We offer design packages for both domestic and commercial systems.
Get it right the first time.

Existing systems

If you already have a heat pump installed on your premises, or you are about to have one installed, we can troubleshoot and advice on the design and install, great for peace of mind.

What do we design?

The design, selection, installation, setting to work and everything in between. We are here to help right up until the final stages of the handover of heat pumps system. All designs are guaranteed to maximise the government’s RHI scheme.



Starting with a home survey, we will first of all check that a heat pump is the correct technology to be investing in. After some heat loss calculations we will begin the design and update the consumer all every step of the way.

Plan to action

After agreement that the design is correct and the system is suitable, we or your chosen installer will begin the installation works.

Hand over

After the installation has been completed and a full systems check has been carried out, the consumer will be given a detailed walkthrough of how the system works. Then its time to enjoy lower fuel bills and count the RHI cashback!

Existing systems

Heat pumps aren’t new technology; in Europe a heat pump installation is as common as a gas boiler in the UK. The problem we have in the UK is that heat pump installers haven’t had the experience or training to install them correctly, the plumbing and electrical work isn’t a problem, but the design stage can be.

Watchdog ran a program a few years ago full of horror stories, peoples heat pumps didn’t work, their houses were cold and it was costing more to run than a gas boiler.

If this situation sounds familiar please give as a call because these are problems that can be 100% avoided.

The design just has to be right.

Check your designs

If your heat pump isnt working correctly, why not forward us the designs and we'll see whats wrong.

On site visit

If the plans look ok and the installation is ready to begin, we can do a last minute systems check, great for peace of mind.


The Boiler Replacement Scheme is fairly new, in fact the UK government are the pioneers of such schemes in Europe, as a result many installs miss out if their install doesn’t meet the criteria, don’t let that be you!

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