Metering and Monitoring

An additional payment of £230 per year is available to scheme members who agree to have metering and monitoring equipment fitted to their heat pump installations. This equipment collects data from meters connected to the electrical supplies to the heat pump and heat meters which measure the heat produced by the heat pump. This will provide information on the actual measured efficiency of the heat pump installation and together with temperature readings from outside and inside the house the information is collected automatically over your broadband connection and made available to Ofgem on an annual basis. We also monitor the data for you and can see if your system is working as efficiently as possible. The metering and monitoring equipment can be fitted to existing installations but the payments are only made during the course of the original RHI agreement. The Metering and Monitoring will have no affect on your Renewable Heat Incentive payments they will carry on as normal, fixed at the beginning of the agreement and based on your EPC.

Heat created

Using a heat meter, the heat created is monitored and information recorded.

Data collected wirelessly

All data is collected wirelessly so you don’t have to worry about cables, also the size of the data transmitted is tiny so it won’t affect your broadband limits.

Earn extra

Additional payment of £230 per year is available for the life of your RHI agreement. There is a small management fee for the equipment and monitoring.