How much do air source heat pumps cost?

A rough guide would be £1,300 for each kW that’s required to heat your home. Costs vary depending on the size of your home, how well insulated it is and how long ago it was built. For a 3 bedroom house built since 1960 it would probably cost around £11,000 for an air source heat pump plus around £3,500 for the installation Then you need a special hot water tank and perhaps additional radiators, possibly another £3,000. Don’t forget the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is there to support you for using this energy saving technology with £5,000 grants.

Key point:

This is expensive compared to a traditional boiler but don’t forget a well designed heat pump installation can save on your heating bills and the government will be paying £5,000 for you. This payment was designed to compensate you for the additional cost of installing this carbon saving technology.

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