Water is heated for free

Customers that recover heat from BlueGen into a hot water tank can offset the gas or electricity normally needed to heat this water. Up to 200 litres of hot water, enough for a typical family home, can be generated per day. BlueGen is compatible with solar-thermal hot water systems where hot water production only occurs during the day. This can be supplemented with heat from the fuel cell, which is recovered throughout the day and night.

Power can be turned up or turned down

BlueGen has the flexibility to produce electricity 24/7, with its output able to be turned up or down to match your household’s typical use. Use less than 13,000 kilowatt-hours per year? Simply turn BlueGen down to produce less electricity. Even at low outputs, BlueGen delivers outstanding electrical efficiency compared to other small-scale generators.

No noise, no vibrations

With BlueGen, you can power your entire house without any disruption or inconvenience. BlueGen creates electricity through a silent electrochemical reaction, which means no noisy, high-pressure rotors, exhaust noise or vibrations. Similar in size to a small washing machine, once you’ve installed the BlueGen unit, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

If you can generate your own electricity & heating
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Electric Vehicle charging station

BlueGen can be used to recharge electric vehicles from low emission electricity rather than carbon intensive power from the electricity grid. Excess electricity not required for vehicle recharging is fed back into the grid. This is a great solution for commercial consumers, for instance a supermarket could allow customers to charge whilst they shop or a service station could offer charging points as well as fuel.

Fuel Cells. The way of the future

BlueGen uses ceramic fuel cells to electrochemically convert gas into electricity at up to 60 per cent electrical efficiency. When the integrated heat recovery system is connected, the waste heat from BlueGen can be used to produce hot water - which improves the total efficiency to approximately 85 per cent. You can also monitor and control BlueGen remotely via the internet.

Creative Ideas

The efficiency of a large power plant in the size of a washing machine. For small-scale co-generation applications, (also called micro Combined Heat & Power, or micro-CHP), there are a number of different technologies that can produce electricity. Only BlueGen produces electricity at high efficiency – up to 60 per cent electrical efficiency. That's the same electrical efficiency as a large Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT).

So what exactly is mCHP?

About the size of a washing machine, BlueGEN connects directly to your natural gas supply, delivering low carbon electricity, 24 hours a day. It’s virtually silent, very efficient and reduces your carbon footprint significantly. Fuel cell technology is at the forefront of co-generation and micro-Combined Heat and Power. Fuel Cells generate electricity efficiently from hydrogen rich fuels, through a clean electrochemical reaction rather than dirty combustion. BlueGen is a leader in fuel cell technology, creating electricity from natural gas with 60 per cent electrical efficiency and 25 per cent thermal efficiency BlueGen can be installed on-site in your home or business. It contains standard connections and operates with virtually no noise.

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