Can i get it?

If you have a new installation, then:


Do i have to pay to join?

The RHI scheme is government run, and its

Free to join

RHI Cashback

How long do i get the RHI cashback?

7 Years

Can i join the RHI scheme?

There are 2 schemes for heat pump, the Domestic and the Non Domestic. Almost all private homes fall under the Domestic RHI scheme and you can join as long as you meet the criteria and agree to abide by the rules.

We can help to make sure everything is in place so that when you make your application it will go through without a hitch. The main point to remember are:

  • You have to have an Energy Performance Certificate less than two years old.
  • The EPC must not recommend you install loft or cavity wall insulation, if it does you have to have that done and a new EPC issued before you will accepted.
  • The heat pump installation has to be commissioned by an accredited MCS installer who must issue a compliance certificate and MCS certificate.
  • The heat pump must be new when it is commissioned.

For Non Domestic installations we can advise on a case by case basis.

Key Facts:

  • Air source: YES
  • Ground source: YES
  • Domestic installs: YES
  • Commercial installs: YES
  • Payback period: 7 years
air source heat pump
Air source heat pumps
Qualify for RHI
air source heat pump
Air source heat pumps
Are paid back quarterly for 7 years
ground source heat pump
Ground source heat pumps
qualify for RHI
ground source heat pumps ground loops are covered
After installation
you're paid back for 7 years

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